Monday, May 13, 2024

187-Ask Mrs.Peach- How Do We Combat The Assault On Women's Autonomy?

Dear Mrs. Peach  

Mrs. Pete Peach

I am at my wits end concerning the all out war against women and their rights. What began as inequality in pay, has now morphed into a far greater assault on our general autonomy. It is not simply concerning everyday rights, it is now including our bodies and freedoms of choice. Truly, they want to take away my right of choice but they are also attempting not to allow IVF. This is now beyond believable. I fear greatly the change in leadership that would bring a new regime to America. The zealots that are in the wings are poised to gain control and power and further eliminate any choices we as Americans still have. They are organizations of thugs, anti woman hating miscreants and power tripping zealots. What are we as women of Intelligence, Compassion and Patriotism to do. Please, we desperately need your advice.

A Sister In Arms,

Dear, Sister

Heard! I understand and feel your pain. All the rights and progress you have fought so bravely for are now systematically being dismantled and revoked. It is now an all out war on women and women's autonomy. The reason for the shift is almost beyond my comprehension. These are issues that we thought had been decided and were ancient history. Since the beginning of my blog I have been at odds with the person whom I believe is behind the new war on women. We have had our disagreements and I have stated my immense dissatisfaction that he is even allowed to represent humanity in any way shape or form. Yes, I'm sure you have guessed it Mr. Strump. Let's just be clear the balding, ballooning, bigoted orange man himself who has come out and said he alone is responsible for overturning Roe v Wade is the culprit behind almost all of our woes and heartaches in America today. I can call him the Orange man because I am an adorable champagne toy poodle and adored by my minions and followers myself. They have encouraged me to step forward and to exercise my freedom of speech to prevent him from ever holding office in America again. It will take a serious effort on all our parts to prevent him from ever holding office again. We truly must become Brothers and Sisters in Arms or we will become refugees in search of a land of Freedom of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Let us not fall pray to the .Emperor in Search of his New Clothes. I am asking (No Pleading) All Gen Z, Gen Alpha, Millennials along with the Boomers to Unite against the Common Enemy of the People and stop Mr.. Strump now and forever or loose the American Dream as we know and love it today. When someone tells you that they are chosen by God to represent you, YOU SHOULD BE WARY AND ALARMED. We are seriously being railroaded to Armageddon. Please take a moment to understand the absolute seriousness of this moment in History. I ask all of America to set aside their differences and to work together in Spirit. Mind, and Body to Defeat Mr. Strump!

The answer is simple while you may not like the alternative you are voting for it is imperative that you realize in order to win the war you must pick and choose your battles. This is one battle that is essential to win. I realize that Biden, Harris may not be the ticket of your choice but it is paramount that you understand they are compassionate loving creatures and they have your best interest and well being at heart. 

If you have been following my blog you will know that I have advised Kamala in the past and recommended that she step out of the box that her administration had tried to put her in. Where women's rights are concerned, I would trust Kamala to have my back before the back stabbing Mr. Strump. She does not talk about retribution and and imprisoning her political rivals or taking away their rights to IVF or preventing them from traveling to neighboring states to save the lives of mother's and daughters who for reasons of life saving abortions.

Finally, I have advised several other Political Parties to step forward and represent for women. I believe truly if you are one of God's Chosen Ones it is Imperative to Stand and Allow your Voice to be Heard. We can no longer afford to be Silent Sheep. We must become the Leaders that the World is looking (N0 Desperately Seeking) for. I cannot express my fear and absolute horror in the fact that Mr. Strump would possibly be elected. I will Write, Speak, Publish, and Shout from the Mountain Tops that we must not allow this to happen. I am asking for the support of All Americans of Voting Age to make sure all your family and friends band together and vote. We need the Largest Grass Roots Movement ever seen in the United States Of America to Mobilize and Defeat the Tyrant Strump.

May God Be with All of Us and Bless Us in Our Divine Mission.

Mrs. Peach

Sunday, March 10, 2024

186-For Lucy- The Adventures Of Luna

 Dear Lucy,

It’s me LuLu.

Today Uncle Al read a book to me about friends in a magical kingdom. They played word games and drew wonderful pictures. It was really fun to learn all about the Queen and the people of the kingdom. I like when Uncle Al reads me stories. They make me happy and are a lot of fun. Maybe one day he will read you some stories. 

Saturday, March 9, 2024

185-For Lucy-The Adventures Of Luna (LuLu)

 Dear Lucy,


It’s me LuLu. I went to the park with Uncle Al, Pete and Aunt Kathy today and had some really fun adventures I would like to share with you. Uncle Al and Pete took me on a long walk all around the park and I got very tired and had to sit down. It was such a good day and I was so happy that I gave Aunt Kathy a kiss on the cheek. We found a climbing wall and I climbed to the top of the wall and looked down at Pete from way up high.

They had a giant slide with a big tall ladder and I went to the top and jumped into the slide and yelled, “Weee,” and slid down to the bottom and Pete barked at me and was really excited. Uncle Al caught me so I didn’t go flying off.

There were two swings that Aunt Kathy and I swung on. Uncle Al pushed us very high and we laughed and flew way up in the air. I wasn’t afraid at all.

On the way out of the park I saw a big and giant tree and climbed way up on the branches. I was so far up I could look out over the entire park. I wasn’t scared at all. I love to climb very high in the air and call Pete. She runs around and barks until I come down. 

We had so much fun that I can’t wait to go back!

When we went home I was very hungry and I stole some of Aunt Kathy’s peanut butter treat.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, The Beatles

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

184-Olympic Logo Use And Their Symbolism

The Olympic rings are the exclusive property of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). They are a mark protected around the world and cannot be used without the IOC's prior written consent. You can send a detailed request to which must include the below information: Who is making the request? Olympic rings and other olympic marks - FAQ N I USE THE OLYMPIC RINGS? · The Olympic rings are the exclusive property of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). They are a mark protected around the world and cannot be used without the IOC's prior written consent. You can send a detailed request to which must include the below information: o Who is making the request? Name, full address, telephone and/or fax number, e-mail address. Organisation, company, museum or individual. o Which content is concerned? (texts, images or films) o How will the content be used? Private use (no broadcasting), school work, group activities, exhibition, production/broadcasting Learn more: o Olympic Charter, Chapter 1, Rules 7-14 and its Bye-law

The Olympic Rings are the single greatest source of symbolism to the Modern World. I believe it is possible by submitting a request to distribute pamphlets and books containing short stories, poetry, art and also music to all of the participants in the 2026 XXV Milan-Cortina Ollympics and Paralympics. It will be a promotion of a trilogy of books along with an accompanying collection of songs. It would be wise to incorporate all arts in your promotion. "Sports are at the foundation of the Milano-Cortina 2026 project. Sixteen Olympic and six Paralympic disciplines spread across 18 competition centres. Some 3,500 athletes from 93 countries will compete for a spot on the podium" 

A promotion of this scale would send your material to their respective countries if you were allowed to utilize their swag. It would open the door for translating the writing and music to their native languages so they could in essence bring the pieces of Americana Home. All lands love a cowboy and Tom Dillion is just the cowboy, his poetry and prose and his working knowledge of all things American is just the right sell. The most intriguing aspect of the scenario is that the Bobsledding and track sports may well be held in Lake Placid, New York as the facilities of Italy may not be able to be completed. Several pieces of writing have already been set in and around the 1980 Winter Olympics held there. The remaining works are set in Ski Area's and National Forests of North America as well as current works set in Chamonix, France and Cortina D' Ampezzo. To add wonder or synchronicity to the mix the Winter Olympics are soon to be announced for 2030 and 2034. Utah in America will be hosting a games. It is more likely to be the 34 Olympics. ( Many of my short stories and poems are set in the ski area's and national forests of the west.) It will allow for the completion the work that will be set in Cortina to be included. How is that for astonishment. The old college cliche' of I'll run with it should be heard reverberating from literally the mountain tops. I am not sure how I will accomplish this goal every forward action is blocked where publication is concerned. The work is experimental and very narrow in its appeal. I believe that the North American National Forests and Ski Area's are desirable as topics to the people of Europe and the world. How to convince a publisher of this will be the trick. I am experiencing a false summit in my writing publication. I have been on many false summit climbs. You just need to put your head down, place one foot in front of the other and soldier on.  All is well that ends well folks!
Happy Writing Dreams. (Who would have thought a simple short story in a writing class at Union College in Schenectady, New York, titled White Dreams. in 1978, would see me poised to tackle the Olympics of 2026 and 2034 with an arsenal of writings on the America's and Europe.)
 God Bless America!

Thursday, February 8, 2024

182-Ask Mrs. Peach? What Is A Girl To Do In This New Anti-Woman American Mindset, What Style and Color Hat are you wearing to the Revolution? A Concerned Swiftie

 This is a work of Satirical Nature from the mind of a Champagne Toy Poodle and does not reflect on any factual nature regarding the named Individuals and should not be construed as such.

Dear Mrs. Peach, Seriously, are you kidding me with this new act attempting to discredit my endeavors to get my Swiftie's out to vote? I am amazed. Just when I thought I had seen everything, THIS! My question to you is. What is a girl to do in this new Anti-Woman American mindset, also What color hat are you wearing to the revolution? 

Sincerely, Concerned Swiftie

Dear Concerned Swiftie,

First, let me say I am an ardent fan. You might even say I am a Swiftie also. What you have accomplished in life and how you conduct yourself is beyond reproach in my humble opinion. Of course, I am a true Champagne Toy Poodle and receive a fair amount of adulation in my own right. My advice is,"You go girl!" Don't let them bring you down, you are far greater than he ever will be. As you already have seen back in Lesson Six-The Art of Acceptance, I am no fan of Mr.Strump (My Pet Name- I won't give him the satisfaction of using his real name. After all he is the worst name caller in the Universe.) If you recall in the last election I stood up for Kamala Harris when she was being picked on and made fun of for wearing a mask during the pandemic. I won't even begin to go into the millions of Americans that were killed and the untold suffering that was wrought upon the good citizens of this great country by the one and only, Mr. Strump. My lord I am still amazed that he is even allowed to run for an office. Like I told Kamala recently when we spoke, "Girl, you can't let them put you on a shelf. You were an integral part and a primary reason Joe Biden was elected. Then they attempted to silence your voice and make you the dutiful little Vice President You are sooo much more than that. You know better. We must not allow ourselves to be marginalized by this ever increasing attack on women." If I wasn't so pleased by the performance of this administration and how hard they have worked to overcome the complete incompetency and inaction of My Strump's Administration, I would be very angry with Joe now. I guess you can tell, my Sister, that you have touched a nerve with a hot poker, Girl. But poor Joe, while I love him dearly and applaud him for the great savior he and his team is. Its time to let the young folks lead. 

My Dear Swiftie! I do not condone violence, hatred, animosity (animalosity), insurrection, and just plain unkindness. One must not preach hatred of any kind, there is absolutely no room in this world for it. So forgive my violent tirade, I too am a work in progress. Stand tall and speak your truth. You are allowed as a Woman in America (at least for now) to have a voice and thoughts, although your autonomy concerning your womanhood is being questioned. When will the conscience of America wake up from the deep sleep it is presently in? I know you try to use your gifts and your platform for good and noble deeds and if they thought they could get away with it they would burn you at the stake in front of the Lincoln Memorial (the second most picked on President, hey at least History tells us they had real witches in Salem) like Joan of Arc! Stem the rising tides, of American Armaggeddon's, turn back the raging sea's of radical extremisms blasphemies, spewing from the cauldron's tended by the World's Aristocracies. Yes it is time for all of us to stand up and be counted. We are with you Taylor. We can proudly stand in our Glorious Womanhood and shout from the Highest Mountain! The Revolution is Now! When is the Revolution! The Revolution is Now! This is not a Revolution of Violence. It is the Revolution of Mind, Body and Spirit through Music, Poetry and Prose. We are here in mass and are ready to be seen and heard. For every great movement in the world there is a catalyst that ignites the flame that begins to burn until it becomes a sweeping raging storm of change. (A Cultural Revolution) That time is now, I do not fear Mr Strump. They don't call me Giant Pete for my stature. I with my sling and trusty pebble will Let Fly my words and slay the Giant! Like The Emperor's New Clothes the entire World will be laughing at his pudgy butt! (Ha, I said pudgy butt for everyone to hear!) Public sentiment will go against him and he will be defeated. To all  Swiftie's and all young people who are abandoning Joe, we need to get out and Vote and we will Let our Voices be raised and our Spirits shine brighter than the torch lit for liberty.

It is like my blogs with JillMichelle Liz and Barack when you are truly one of God's Chosen Leaders you must step forward and let your voice be heard for all of those that are oppressed and unable to speak.

Yours in Sisterhood

Mrs. Pete Peach

My Favorite Anthem, Only The Young, Taylor Swift

Thank You for your wonderful soul and music. 

You have the support and love of Write My Fire.

Which style and color hat do you like for our revolution?

My Preference is the Ariana Fascinator Hot Pink and Red Hat. It's the name of my best friend ever!

I think the Amelia Nude and Navy Blue Goes for you. Next we will have to have Jill, Kamala, Liz, and Michelle choose theirs.

Sometimes I just like to identify with the people here are several head shots. I'm so torn I'm not sure which look would go?

Happy Valentine's to you and your. I would like for you to use your Talk Boxes, Think Boxes and Smart Watch Boxes and we will accomplish what we did for Barack and elect the first Woman President. You should pick a hat and let the best woman throw it in the ring.

Happy 28th Saint Valentine"s Day Anniversary to Kathleen a  Siren from an emerald sea with a lullaby as sweet as Fireweed Honey
from a Phoenix Rising from the mountain ashes and a tale of the love of a Colorado Belle.   Love Uncle Albert

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

109- The Moose Jaw- The Ending to White Dreams ( Young Adult Version Of The Lure Of The Mountain King, Uncle Albert's Mountain}

There have been many endings over the years. Leaving the mountain alone has always been my favorite, but as the the years have progressed I have experimented with Tom and Sara being together in some form. Since I had always wanted this to be a young adult work my first go at togetherness was for simplicity. I published it in May of 2022 but then deleted it. I once again offer it up in it's simplicity. Which one is better is for you the reader to decide.

                                                     The Moose Jaw



       Sara was sitting at the end of the bar. She was unconsciously twisting the end of her auburn hair, between her thumb and forefinger. Her head buried in a novel, reading short stories and good writing was her favorite pastime. There were only a handful of customers this afternoon. The season had ended and business would be slow until autumn winds brought another winter to the Rocky Mountains. A new song drifted over the sound system. The front door slowly opened and a black Stetson appeared. Sara felt her body involuntarily shiver. She quickly buried her head back into her book,

     “When are you going to wake up?” Sara said to herself. “You can’t hide from the world forever.”

She stared blankly at the pages. Lifting her hands she turned them upright, they were covered with black smudge marks from the print. She realized that was exactly what she was doing. Hiding from Tom and hiding from herself. Year after year she sat with her books. She listened to others talk of their adventures. Standing at the bar mixing their drinks and collecting their spare change. Spare change to make her ends meet. Always buried in another book, she thought she would probably grow old and grey with a book in her hands.

     “Hi,” he said cautiously. He was hoping it would go well. She had this incredible knack for avoiding him.

     “Hi,” she smiled radiantly. Sara’s eyes softened as they met his. She jumped off her chair and ran to him. She grasped his hand and held tightly to his big fingers.

     ”I’m sorry this all happened. I was wrong to try and force you into something you weren’t ready for. If nothing else you taught me the value of freedom and the courage to spend it"

Tom looked deeply into her eyes.

     “No, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I can’t settle in one place. My first reaction to life is to bolt when things get tough, to run away instead of fighting. I want to be with you, without you I’ll probably always be a drifter. You are the only stability I’ve ever known.”

He saw the same spark that was there the first time they had met. It had never left, even when he thought it would never return.

     “Listen, I can’t explain my feelings, when I’m near you. I’m trying to find the words to explain how much I care. It’s just that I’ve got this crazy dream. Maybe I can make a difference. Maybe I can -----.”

She gently put her fingers to his lips.

     “I’ll make you a deal. No more talk of commitment. You give me a taste of real freedom.”

He loosened the straps of his knapsack and slid his arm around her waist. He slapped his hand on the bar.

     “There’s this little saloon in Targhee called ‘Wild Bills’,” he scratched the stubble on his chin. “You could work on the mountain with me and learn to ski or tend bar there.”

     “Only if you shave,” she laughed wrapping her arms tightly around his neck.

Tom gently pulled her closer. He felt the warmth of her body next to his. He knew it was right. He would give her everything possible for him to give. Sara was the serenity he found among the jagged peaks. It was meant to last forever. The balance between man and nature in the mountains is fragile and extremely delicate. Life hangs precariously by a taught golden string, stretched sometimes almost to the breaking point. A balance that was as tender and tight as that between a man and a woman. Tom always pushed toward the edge. Someday he would push too far. He would regret many things in his life. He would never regret giving his love to Sara.

     “No promises.”

     “No promise,” he agreed.

She tore off her apron, and threw it behind the bar. She grabbed her blue knapsack and stuffed her book into it. Pulling on her ski jacket, she flipped her hair outside. It would be an exciting change for her. They started for the entrance.

     “Hey Sara, How about another?” one of the customers yelled.

She turned gracefully, her hair flowing in a wide arc. It gently came to rest, tight under her chin. Tom waited his throat dry. He watched every move she made.

Sara glanced back at him. She carefully studied his features cautiously for a sign, any answer. Tom said nothing.

Sara turned and reached for Tom’s hand. They walked out the door.

     “What’s Targhee like?” she said.

     “I’ll show you,” he replied.

The Ring Song, Jaya Sia Ram, Krishjna Das, Flow Of Grace

Saturday, December 30, 2023

180-Is a Trilogy a Precursor for a Trinity?

 What is the relationship of a trilogy to a trinity? The obvious grouping of three is too simple of an explanation. If you examine the trilogy(noun a group of three related novels, plays, films, operas, or albums."J.R.R. Tolkien's epic fantasy trilogy, The Lord of the Rings") you would wonder as a group of writing what the time line is for the origin of the material. If you were to say write a novel at a young age, followed by a later work and then by a significantly later work you could make an argument that would support it as being a trinity in origin. trin·i·ty/ˈtrinədē/, noun, the Christian Godhead as one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Now it may seem sacrilegious to compare your youth, middle age and wisdom of old age to that of a religious trinity but you can see the truth in the analogy of the learned wisdom. What you would have written in the naivety of youth, and the greater wisdom of old age would be vastly different. Hence the analogy to a religious trinity.