Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Seventy; Summoning Courage,In the Time of the Delta Variant of The Coronavirus

 Courage: Spiritual Diary, Paramahansa Yogananda, "Whispers From Eternity"

     I know now that I am a lion of cosmic power. Bleating no more, I shake the error forest with reverberations of Thine almighty voice. In divine freedom I bound through the jungle of earthly delusions, devouring the little creatures of vexing worries and timidities, and the wild hyenas of disbelief.

     O Lion of Liberation, ever send through me Thy roar of all-conquering courage.

                                             * * *

     Do not fear the future! The future is bright with growth and the blossoming of your life. Pay attention to your health and protect your self and your environment from the Delta Variant by Observing Safety Rules and getting Vaccinated. To be a Leader of your Pride you must protect your fellow citizens and families. You cannot be a leader with courage and bravado by displaying ignorance regarding life. There is no compromise in your responsibilities to yourself and your fellow human beings. Move forward with the assurance that you are the Master and Commander of your Destiny grounded in the Divine Guidance of Your Creator. Roar at the World and the delusion of the Ignorance. You can and will be the Leader that you Desire to be.



Friday, October 1, 2021

Sixty-Nine; Listen To The Music, In The Time of The Coronavirus

Calling out to hungry hearts 
Everywhere through endless time
You who wander, you who thirst 
I offer you this Bodhi mind 
Calling all you hungry spirits 
Everywhere through endless time 
Calling out to hungry hearts 
All the lost and left behind
Gather round and share this meal 
Your joy and your sorrow I make it mine.
Krishna Das's Book Chants of a Lifetime

Kirtan Music is a calming Sea in a Storm of Chaos. The Times in which we now find ourselves call for drastic measures for our mental and physical preservation. Kirtan along with Meditation and some form of Yoga Exercises will help you to stay centered and find grounding in this time of trials. The trials abound all around us and we are inundated with false narratives and deceit. Do not be lured into complacency about the times! We resolve in our practices and writings to help guide ourselves and you through the turmoil and ludicrousness of our current Leaders. Our best interests and well being are not being represented. The self-serving complicity of our Politicians to further their own Agenda's should be alarming to us all. We must Unite in our Resolve to take back Control of Our Lives and Our Children's Future. This is not a time for weakness. We must use all Methods within our grasp. Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night. We must realize that alone we can no longer continue to thrive, but Together as Nation of United People we will. Do not be silent and do not Live In Fear. Everyone is looking for a Hero. It is time for us to be Our Own Heroes!