Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Seventy-One; Discovering The Art Of Devotion, In the Time of the Coronavirus

 Love him, talk to him every second of your life, in activity and in silence, with deep prayer, with the unceasing desire of your heart; and you shall see the screen of delusion melt away. He who is playing hide-and-seek in the beauty of the flowers, in souls, in noble passions, in dreams, shall come forth and say: "You and I have been apart for along time; because I desired that you give Me your love willingly. You are made in My image, and I wanted to see if you would use your freedom to give Me your love." - Paramahansa Yogananda, "Man's Eternal Quest"

It seems so simple in the silence of the evening to give your love without reservation. You have love for your family, you have love for your country, you have love for your home and your possessions. Do you have love for Him who has granted all these fine things to you? A question only you, yourself, in the silence of prayer can answer. Do not hesitate any longer! What more could you possibly be waiting for? What material possession could possible offer you more? What greater love could you ever imagine is out there waiting on you! The answer is one that you already know. It has come to us in this great time of desire and need. Look around! Open your heart and open your mind to the infinite possibilities of the universe and your dreams and aspirations will be yours if you go forward with the Love of your Lord in your heart and soul! Why not surrender your resistance and lift up the Light of the World for all to see. Do not let delusion and dissatisfaction stand in the way of your Liberation. It is ours for the asking Today!