Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Update On Bill And Lou

Update On Bill And Lou - Rescue (Previous Post)

Just got a returned email from the folks at Green Mountain College regarding the rescue of Bill and Lou. The contact email addresses have been closed. Here is an update of current contact information;

Green Mountain College
Agriculture - Farming (Bill and Lou)
2500 Killington Road Killington, VT 05751
(800) 776-6675

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Save Bill And Lou A Working Team Of Oxen At Green Mountain College


Green Mountain College is poised to kill two oxen named Bill and Lou who have served their college farm for ten long years. ACT NOW to prevent it!

Bill and Lou have been a working team of oxen at Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT for ten years. They were pressed into service by staff at Cerridwen Farm - the teaching farm on campus - to do everything from plowing fields togenerating electricity. Over the years, they became so well loved that they're even the profile picture for the farm's Facebook page!

A few months ago, Lou became unable to be worked any longer. Bill won't work with anyone else. Therefore, the college has concluded that both of them must be killed.

DEATH is their reward for 10 long years of hard work.

 Yes, Green Mountain College has decided that Bill and Lou's long lives of service should be rewarded by their slaughter - and for what? According to their own press releases, the school will get, at best, a couple of months of low-grade hamburger out of their bodies.

This is especially heartbreaking because they have an excellent home waiting for them.

VINE Sanctuary has offered to provide Bill and Lou with permanent homes. We have the ability and resources to care for them for the rest of their natural lives. Sadly, though, the college is determined to kill them instead.

For ten years, they served the needs of those more powerful than they are.

Now it's time to let them serve their own needs.

ACTION YOU CAN TAKE - Please contact the folks at Green Mountain College and urge them to reconsider. Feel free to use and/or modify the letter below, or write your own.

 All you need to do is send a heartfelt, courteous email to the following people:

 Bill Throop Provost and Vice President for Academic

Kenneth Mulder Farm Manager, Research Associate & Adjunct Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies:

Dear Sir:

I am writing to urge you to allow Bill and Lou to live out the remainder of their natural lives, in peace and contentment, at VINE Sanctuary, a reputable organization which has offered to care for them.

Should you choose to reverse their death sentences, the rewards garnered by Green Mountain College will far exceed whatever paltry sum their slaughter would bring to the school.

 Conversely, whatever small amount of cash would be made by killing them will be far outweighed by the negative press which will follow in the wake of their deaths.

Bill and Lou have served your college well for ten long years. Students and faculty alike have expressed how much they care about these individuals. They deserve to be given the rest of their lives to live as they choose. Just because they are not human does not mean they do not care about their existence.

We will be watching to see what decision you make.