Sunday, December 28, 2014

Remembering Aspen

Today with the bleakness and inundation of snow in Aspen, I would like to go to Portland Oregon and learn the proper way of tea. It might be nicer to be wet and warm and comfortably inside sipping Pu Ehr tea (fermented tea) than cold wet and snowy.

I noticed in Aspen that the Explore Book Store is for sale for 6.4 million dollars. a joy my early days in Aspen were. The book store was a short walk up the street from my 200 E. Main St. apartment. I was working on several projects. My short story collection White Dreams, Out of Amereka (I have since mellowed and call it America) and outlining my Historical Novel. A hot cup of coffee and all the time in the world to linger in front of the poetry section and fiction novels. It is a unique Victorian in downtown Aspen. They sponsored the Aspen Writers Foundation and Winter Words, bringing in talented authors from all over the world. I will always have a special place in my heart for those creative times in Aspen.

I know that there are more creative times to come and I find myself gathering resolve and determination to complete the projects that are presently before me. I can't leave my projects  unfinished they need to be wrapped up and put to bed.

A Song of Conviction to a Goal
Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Sage

Today with in excess of two feet of snow expected in Aspen, my thoughts have turned to Encinitas, California. I am picturing a quaint little bungalow on an estate overlooking the ocean and a wonderful garden that I am writing in. I am working on a screenplay for Appaloosa Lake, my wife Kathy's novel. She is working on the music score on her Roland Juno DI synthesizer and I am enjoying her music. Our hearts are filled with happiness and joy. There has always been a draw of enlightenment for me in Southern California. Often in life I have gotten in the way of my own success, when I should have, "let go and let God."

A Song of letting go and letting God.
Mr. Mister "Kyrie Eleison"