Thursday, August 24, 2023

172-Life Works Itself Out

   My original vision for my collection of short stories, novel, and screenplay along with my blogs was to assemble a cross section of Americana using the Ski mountains of North America, National Forests, and American Topics as a background, and make them available to the people of other countries. The collection could then be published in conjunction with the Winter Olympics which are held every four years. The 2026 Winter Olympics are going to be held in Milan-Cortina in Italy. Cortina is the Pearl of the Dolomites befitting for the Mountain Pearl. It is also the climbing and skiing Mecca of the world. There will be 3500 Olympic and Para-olympic athletes from 93 Countries. The Olympic Logo can be obtained through the Olympic Organizing Committee and used to market the book as a promotion it can also be a part of the Olympians swag bags.The book can then be published in a multitude of languages. Since the Olympics are held every four years in seems to me that the work would be able to published in perpetuity. I believe my vision to be solid and commercially marketable.
   The 2030 Winter Olympics could possibly be awarded to Salt Lake City , Utah, will see the publication of the history of Arapahoe Basin in Colorado followed by or in conjunction with a screen play of the same topic. It will open up all of America to Publication. (Great Right!) The history of my blog seems to show and is trending in Singapore, Russia, Romania, France, Hong Kong, Turkey, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. It shows a desire on the part of people in other countries to know more about American Mountains.

The Demand for my stories and blogs have motivated me to move The Lure of the Mountain King and My other blogs to book form quicker. A trilogy has emerged unexpectedly and it must be addressed. If you take into account the self-published poems there are four books. I suppose some of the other work would be considered chap books and would make for passing them out preferable to a volume.The Lure, In Search of the Mountain Pearl and Of Mountains and Men is posted but needs rewriting. I would appreciated input about the writing and how to improve it. Please feel free to follow and post your thoughts as they are very important to me. My goal is to reach the Olympics and to bring my quest for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to the world through Americana and freedoms that only we as Americans can Know. Help if you can! Look under (My Pages.)

   I am not sure how to accomplish this and am hoping to gain in put or support from others to help promote my work. Until then I hope that you are enjoying this journey as much as I.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

171-Characterization of the Senator

 The Senator: John Blackwell

Age: 52

Physical Attributes: Soft, out of shape, puffy, drinks too much, overbearing, demeaning and abrasive.

Inherited wealth and expects the world to bend to his needs and wants.

The Senator has to be lovable in a sick way. If you cannot Love the Senator than it will be impossible to Hate him. He wants to control the entire Dillon Valley up to the Continental Divide. Although it is National Forest Property he wants to be able to strip mine Loveland Pass and the Arapahoe Basin for Molybdenum. He wants to be able to sell his mined minerals to foreign actors and will use his connections to change the status of the National Forest to mineable land. Needs to be characterized as dastardly.

Maha Mantra, Krishna Das, (Hare Krishna)

Thursday, August 17, 2023

170- A Journey Into New Horizons

                                     Begin at the Beginning

Screenplay: No Working Title

Year: 1978

  (Resort Community Threatened By Greedy Developing Senator)


                                   Main Character Portrayal


Thomas (Tom) Dillion : age twenty-five

 Height about six feet

Ruggedly handsome young man

Drifter, and Loner

Never cements enduring relationships

Possibly afraid of commitment always moving never very stable

He is embittered by early experiences (Had returned from the Vietnam War totally disaffected by it. He withdrew from society by going to live on a farm in western New York State. His activism in anti-American Politics causes him to lose the renewal on his operating loan and he loses the farm)

Embittered and totally disgusted with society in general.

He leaves and makes his way to the highest lift serviced mountain in North America to challenge himself and possibly die in the challenge. He has not lost the will to live or fight, on the contrary, he is a warrior of the highest degree. He wants to be left alone, with no responsibility in life.

Consciously he blames society for the loss of his beloved farm and he wants to challenge nature.

He cannot turn a blind eye to the advancement of the Senator and rape of what he considers to be the American Dream.

Pretty Boy Floyd, The Byrds, Sweet Heart Of The Rodeo

Sunday, August 13, 2023

169- How to become your own Avatar of Change

I Ching, The Book Of Changes 

Conforming, the small succeed; it is beneficial to have somewhere to go, and it is beneficial to see great people.


Double conformity is used to express reposition of directions. Strength conforms to balance and correctness, so what is willed is carried out in action. The weak all go along with the strong, so this is why the small succeed, profiting from seeing great people.


Following wind represents conformity. Cultured people repeat directions to get things done.


1 yin. When going forward and backward, it is helpful to be as steadfast as a soldier.  IMAGE  Going forward and backward means one's purpose is wavering. It is helpful to be as stead fast as a soldier, meaning that one's purpose is settled.

2 yang When conformity is more lowly than normal, it bodes well to use  intermediaries a lot, so there will be no blame. IMAGE  A lot bodes well, that is provided you attain balance. 

3 yang Repetitious conformity is embarrassing. IMAGE The embarrassment of repetitious conformity is frustration.

4 yin When regret disappears, you catch three kinds of game on a hunt. IMAGE Catching three kinds of game on a hunt means something is successfully accomplished.

5 yang It bodes well to be steadfast and true; regret vanishes, and it is advantageous all around. Though there is no beginning, there is a conclusion. It bodes well to be careful before a change and reflective after a change. IMAGE What bodes well for the strong in this position is to be correctly balanced.

6 yang When conformity is more lowly than normal, you lose your resources and tools, so it is unlucky even if you are steadfast. IMAGE  If conformity is more lowly than normal, one is helpless in a position of leadership, the loss of ones's resources and tools is indeed a bad setback.


Conformity of and in itself is not the answer. Is it better to conform and make change from within or to stand without and affect change from a distance? One must decide their own path regarding change. In the times that we are presented with, any such normalcy is a thing of the distant path. My intuition tells me that change from within no matter how obscure is far superior to being labeled as (Woke) enlightened or awake and ridiculed. Your platform is then lessened and given no substance of thought or purpose other than dismissal. To be a heretic on the outside is of no purpose to affecting change. Your message will be far more readily received to be of the mass or the whole and to move the mass slowly to your goal. The real issue is the apparent lack of time. Does the heretic affect any movement in thought by direct confrontation? Do you make any movement of pervading thought by suggestion? Are great movements of thought and dynamic change of will and direction wrought without challenging present thought? By labeling opponents and generalizing and dismissing your platform you are selectively being disarmed by your opponent and rendered inconsequential as a movement. The very audacity of banning works of thought and mind and art are of great consequence in the battle of good vs. evil. These practices cannot be allowed to continue. The enlightenment of thought must be protected. It is no longer up to the next great Avatar to awaken humanity. We must all strive to be our own Avatar and bring our own enlightenment to as many as are willing to listen and affect necessary change to awaken a sleeping  humanity. However the change or movement must be rooted in a desire to enhance or strengthen a society and wrought out of love and compassion. Hatred and violence has no place in change. It serves only to lose one's soul. Align your will with Divine Will and Destiny, your own personal Destiny is waiting for you to step forward and claim your Victory!

If You Could Read My Mind, Gordon Lightfoot, Gord's Gold

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

168- Where To Now Saint Francis?

      The Birthday of Krishna is celebrated according to the Indian Lunar calendar. It falls on the eighth day of the waning moon between mid-August and mid September.

     He who perceives Me everywhere, and beholds everything in Me, never loses sight of Me, nor do I ever lose sight of him.

     That yogi stays forever in Me, who, anchored in divine unity whatever his mode of existence, realizes Me as pervading all beings.

     O Arjuna, the best type of yogi is he who feels for others, whether in grief or pleasure, even as he feels for himself-- Bhagavan Krishna, in the "Bhagavad Gita"

Spiritual Diary- Self Realization Fellowship

     The Conclusion of Self Realization Fellowship, World Convocation in Los Angeles 2023 and the subsequent closing talk and Meditation by Brother Chidananda was inspiring and extremely moving. Do not be lost of this World and it's Maya. There is light and light bringing beings among you. Do not despair over the World situations that you have no control over. Control your Heart, Mind and Your Thoughts. Bring the Positive Light of Divine Love of Gurudev and his Promise of Freedom into your Life. There is a scientific method for achieving Enlightenment and it can be obtained through Kriya Yoga. Life does not have to be uncontrollable and overwhelming find your Peace and Your Tranquility. Do not go another day lost in the confusion that surrounds you in the delusion of everyday life. Be a smile millionaire and controller of your own thoughts and wellness.

The Autobiography Of A Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda

Night Right For Love, A Bigger Piece Of Sky, Robert Earl Keen

The Lucky Dun Ranch a 1940's Sears Kit Home over a 1890's log cabin on 130 acres.

Snowy (Sonny) A Rescue with Buddy from White Hawk Outfitters

Boobala Raja (Buddy-A great grandson of Poco Bueno) Foreground  Rescue from the Winter Hawk Outfitters were he packed the Big Cats out of the Trips

Sage (His Wife)  Rescue from a breeding operation of miniatures where she was stall bound.

King and Queen

At Rest

Sid and Sam at work at the Pine Creek Cookhouse, Aspen. The Elk Creek Range and Electric Pass.
 First Day at the Ranch Freedom of the Outdoors. 

Snowy - When he became Cloud to his New Girl and Love of his Life
Peace of Heart

Horse Hair Poetry

I wish for my poems 

to be like horse hairs

that catch into your clothing,

saddle blankets and brushes

that cling and weave

into the fabric of your life.

Bo- The Buckskin Stallion with his Bride Brooks (Photo Cookie-Buckskin Stallion Station)

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Where to now Saint Peter? Slick Little Fox on the Mountain Pearl

Daisy (Our Companion Wife for Jack London-Slick Little Fox's Friend) See Mornings With Jack London and Little Fox on Blog
Sage at rest in the loafing shed
Sid and Sam at Rest


Emerald and Pearl with Domnic 
Tahoe with Al Bianchine
Being Brushed and Loved for Euthanasia
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In Defense of My Lady Tahoe's Honor

 Bo The Buckskin Stallion in Pose
Al with Bo
Bo in Pose
Dad with Snowy 
Celebrating their Birthday's

Litlle Man
A Perlino (Albino)
Bo and Brooks Foal

Love The Horses

Surprising the Ranch with Omelette's

Write My Fire

Where To Now Saint Francis?