Wednesday, September 27, 2023

175- Ask Mrs. Peach? Should I Run For The Office Of The Presidency?

  Ask Mrs. Pete Peach?

This is a work of Satirical Nature from the mind of  a Champagne Toy Poodle and does not reflect on any factual nature regarding the named Individuals and should not be construed as such.

Dear Mrs. Peach,
As you may well have noticed the coming Presidential Elections are becoming somewhat of a serious matter. The fate of our nation (I dare say the World!) hang in the balance. These are the ever dangerous times of confusion, disillusion, deceit and trickery. I have steadfastly declared that I have no intentions of running for the office of the President of the United States of America. My time in the White House with Barack is well documented and I have spoken at great length regarding the pitfalls and actual perils of the position and sequestration it entails. There is a growing movement among many in power to persuade me to step forward and toss my hat into the ring. The climate of American Politics is that of derisive antagonistic bickering and backstabbing that has little or nothing to do with Politics. There is a great deal of posturing and chest pounding, decrying their philosophies. What would your sage advice be regarding this matter? 
Yours in Indecision,
Michelle Obama

My Dearest Michelle,
My I first take a moment and Thank You and your Husband Barack Obama for your dedication and service to the American People. 
This is very difficult as the line between personal sacrifice and sacrifice for the betterment of society looms large. You are trained and prepared for the job with your education and former background there is no denying your competency. Especially concerning the major economical and socio-economical challenges we are facing. Dare I mention Eagle Pass and the Border fiasco looming large. I truly believe that you, especially as a woman accustomed to creating solutions rather than excuses could focus your attention on the issue. Razor wire and those large floaty things do not come immediately to mind when I think of your thought processes. A new Ellis Island type Immigration Station, where qualified immigrants could be welcomed and moved to facilities set up for training and qualification orientation. Developing their desire to help America and become a productive member of the working class to insure a future for their family and our nation.

The singularly greatest consideration would be the question of Divine Destiny. Only you, after deep soul searching could decide if you are ready to accept the role your have been Divinely prepared for. Do you step forward at great risk and peril? The American Nation, dare I say, the Entire World is looking for a leader of Great Moral Standing and Fortitude who will stand up against Falsehood, and Blasphemy. You alone are the keeper of your thoughts where your families safety and well being is concerned. The road would not be and easy one. Your calmness and insight is desperately needed and lacking in our Present Leaders and World Geo-Political Systems. May you be Supremely Guided in your most difficult hour.
Mrs. Pete Peach
P.S. Your wonderful husband would make an incredible First Man. He could sing to me anytime! (I-I am so in love with him!)

Sunday, September 24, 2023

174- Uncle Albert's Mountain-The Beginning (Never Is A Long Time))

   Formatting Needed-  

 The skier silently slices his way through the deep soft powder, cutting across the top of Arapahoe Basin's summit. He tucks into a ball and rushes headlong down the mountain. Gathering more speed as the steepness increases and prepares him for the transition as he reaches the steep upgrade that leads along the massive headwall and up to the entrance to Lover’s Leap and the Palavachini. Gathering speed he crosses the Pali and begins his decent down the front-side of the mountain. He is deep into the trees and there is deafening silence except for the whooshing of the snow and occasional clacking of his skis. The bright orange Avalanche Danger signs and ropes closing off the trail become visible and he slides to a halt alongside them. Checking back over his shoulder for a patrolman he reaches down, lifts the rope and slips under.


Tom Dillion looks down the trail and sees the skier cut the out of bounds markers. He quickly sets his sights down the trail and lets his skis run downhill and gathers momentum as he rushes headlong toward the figure.

“Hey! Hey! That trail is closed! What the hell do you think you’re up to?” Tom slides to a halt, his skis sliding against the pile of snow gathering against the edges. “You shouldn’t have been in there, the patrol closed it for a reason,” Tom’s indignation at the audacity of the errant skier is apparent in his tone.

“I was going down a ways and going to cut across through the trees back to the Pali.”

“That’s no excuse to cut a closed trail. Wait, Wait I recognize you, Joe the mountain owner warned you off the trail yesterday. You’ve got to get out of there before something bad happens. It’s not worth it, trust me, I was in a slide once and you have no control over nature. It will take you and the entire mountainside along with the trees down. You need to get out of there and you need to do it now.”


The skier mumbles something unintelligible, slides under the ropes and slowly starts away. Tom turns and heads back down the hill, not looking back. Seeing Tom disappear the skier turns ducks back under the Out of Bounds rope and signs and skied off down the hill. He cut across an open snowfield and turns quickly along the trees of Lover’s Leap. Silently above him a large fracture appeares in the hillside several hundred yards back. An enormous slab breaks free and a wall of snow starts moving toward the unaware figure. Laughing out loud over his stroke of good fortune and newfound powder stash, he slips silently in and out of the Aspen trees as if they were racing gates. Carrying more speed than would be safe in the thickening pines he careens haphazardly back out into the open field. Suddenly he feels a wet stinging on the back of his neck and sees the snow rising up around his legs and thighs. Too late, he realizes he is in a massive avalanche and is overcome by the large wall of snow boulders and slabs. Both of his legs snap and he is tossed dangerously down the grade. The safety avalanche airbag inflates and he rises to the top of the snow as it carries him careening down the slope. It begins to settle and harden like cement around him. He has fallen hundreds of feet and can hardly see the ribbon of macadam that is Route Six as it heads up to A-Basin’s parking lot and up and over the Divide. Slowly agonizingly he claws, scratches and pulls his way along the trail until he is fifty feet from the roadside. Looking down the road he sees a car driving up the hill. He lets out a guttural scream and in desperation raises his arm in an attempt to signal for help. The car drives by unaware of the urgent need of the skier.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

173-Once Upon A Time



        Once Upon A Time------   I dwelled upon a Mountain in a Land of a Thousand Suns. They were Great Rising Suns and I had a beautiful wife. She was the most beautiful woman in the land of light. Her name was Mom and we would rescue abused horses and heal them and set them free. We taught other people from all over the land to Rescue Horses. They were giants and we would sit in the evenings and watch the suns set, but it was never dark for long because a new sun was always rising. We would listen to the thundering hooves as they ran wild up the mountain. The setting suns lights were so bright that when the horses galloped they would glow fiery orange. It was a land of peace and harmony and there were no evil warlords because all the good nations put a stop to the last bad warlords (Mr. Strump’s) childish tantrum's because like Humpty Dumpty he couldn’t put his nation back together again after its great fall. And that's a good story right!  

PETE In Hunt

Good Story Dad!