Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Twenty-Four: Exercising Effort in the Time of Coronavirus

You should increase the strength of your body and then increase the strength of your mind. The best way to increase mental power is to try to accomplish something worthwhile every day. Choose some worthy task or project that you have been told you could not do, and try to do it. Each day strive to accomplish something that you have always thought you could not accomplish.
~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,

Effort, supreme effort is the precursor to accomplishing great feats. Nothing in life comes without sacrifice. The sacrifice of time, energy, effort, their is no substitute for the old adage of just try. If you do not attempt to scale the heights, than the mountain top is never attainable. It can't be conquered. The premise In the Mountains Nature draws a razor thin edge of existence you either accept the challenge and conquer it or it will forever conquer you. Men for ages have accepted and attempted the challenge. Whatever your challenge is you must conquer it. Today walking out into the world is a challenge. Putting food on the table, paying your rent or your bills. The act of eating and surviving is an absolute challenge. Conquer them. You are a divine creature of your father. You must remember that I and my father are one and all things my father hath are mine. Inherently you were meant to succeed. Success is a natural state and attainable to all who desire it. You all ready have it. Your birth assured you of it. You are a child of abundance and joy. Recognize the reality and conquer the fear that is holding you back.