Monday, October 26, 2015

An Appointment with Knowledge


 "Knowledge is a most peculiar affair,"he said, especially for a warrior. Knowledge for a warrior is something that comes at once, engulfs him, and passes on."

Don  Juan to Carlos Castaneda, "Tales of Power."

                                                    Wild Horses
Wyoming, early morning prairie dews
seep deep enough, pooling reflecting
a wild chestnut stallion's eyes.

His hooves kicking pebbles rippling
little waves, flowing trickling into
small streams of mirages,
dissipating into noon day vapors
and pastured greens of rattle snake plains.

                                                Appaloosa Sky
Now I listen to horses
in fields of green grasses
that reflect from blue mountains
in waves of grey moonlight
that dawn is an Appaloosa
with and eye of forgiveness.

                                               Just Ask A Horse
Now you see,
I've got this light
It's from these mountains
That I Bring.

Happy Hunter's Moon, and Harvest Moon.

Listen and Open Your Chakras
Seven Chakras Activation & Healing Meditation Music

Monday, October 12, 2015

But When Every Monday Comes

I think the song goes, Monday, Monday, can't trust that day. It remains to be seen. Even my morning meditation was slow and sluggish. As the days grow colder in the mornings,  a nice warm bed with my Piper and my beautiful wife is much more inviting than facing the stark morning light. These are surely the days to roll back over and snuggle in. HAPPY MONDAY!

"In Your Eyes," Peter Gabriel

The Ballad of Tom Dillon
Come and sit along side of me my beautiful innocent children. You see my name it is Tom Dillion and there is this story I have to tell.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Morning Light

Morning light revealed the gently falling snow
darkness unveiled
stole silently, stubbornly
assured of resurrection.

Starship "We Built This City

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Must Be The Season of the Witch

  Every Season brings its own feelings and moods. The Fall is prelude to winter and has a feeling of melancholy. It has always been my season for incredible change. Although introspective I have always fixed my star on great adventures. Often mountain adventures, or a time of travel for me, the fall has lately been my respite. The changing of the colors and loss of leaves to stark and barren trees brings the hope of a new and joyous spring. I like to write in the fall. Maybe because I get to wear sweaters. Wrap my arms around myself and find some type of overlook or mountain to look at the world from. Often I found myself, at Thatcher Park in the Helderbergs, looking back at Albany, New York and up into the Adirondacks. I loved that view of Albany, or making my way over to Old Stage Coach Road just below Thompsons Lake and have a different view of the city. It was a clearer view of the Plaza in down town Albany.

   I remember that I used to ride a 15 speed bike from Colonie up into Thatcher Park and then to my cabin at the lake. There is a long right turn at the base of a giant hill that climbs into the park. You climb for perhaps a couple of miles and you are geared very low because of the steepness. Just as you were cresting the summit there was a small house on the left and in that house lived a 3 legged German Shepherd. He was mean and did not like people on bikes. You had to figure that since he only had three legs, he had a reason to be mean. The first time I peddled past he was asleep on the porch. I remember saying, "hey, buddy," and waking him up. Big mistake. Not only was he mean but he was pretty fast for only having three legs. I was just barely able to out race him. You were exhausted from the climb, but you had to ask yourself to reach into the reserves and pump like crazy or you were going to be bit and most likely hurt bad. He meant to hurt you. German Shepherds don't mess around and he was serious about doing bodily harm. The first summer that I lived there I rode my bike to the Lake three times a week. I always made it past him, but it never got any easier. The more in shape I became, it seems the faster he became. I did enjoy my early evening swims in the Lake after getting all sweaty from out running my nemesis.

   Don't know why I thought of Withes and the fall. Except that Halloween comes around and of course it is a time of bewitching. I guess perhaps I have been bewitched a fall or two.

   Great News! Al's Blog says Arapahoe Basin is getting snow.

A Song Featuring Carlos Santana;

Put Your Lights On: Everlast with Carlos Santana


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall into Change

  This is The Mirror Lake Inn, in Lake Placid, New York. It instantly reminded me of all of the beautiful fall trips I would take into the Adirondacks and Green Mountains of New York and Vermont. The fall colors of the East are beyond words. The many hardwoods each with their own distinctive colors are exceptional. I have missed the falls of the East greatly. In Colorado, the Scrub Oak turn red and the Aspens of course are brilliant gold set against the lovely pines. But nothing compares to the Eastern Fall. Take a ride on the Gondola on Gore Mountain to view fall colors. Ride along the shores of Lake Champlain which is spectacular. Or just take a drive into anywhere Vermont, Rutland, Bennington, any of the Ski Mountains and their awesome Valleys will suffice. Just get out doors and view the colors. At last the fall in the West may be less than average because of a mold on the Aspen's this year that is causing the leaves to drop prematurely.

   My wife, Kathy, was a DJ in Aspen and Carbondale, Colorado for many years and often puts together some great song lists to listen to. This week we were talking about our meeting in Aspen in November at our job we shared that brought us together. I remember being kind of a lonely old ski bum and she being a popular outgoing personality. It seemed unlikely that we would ever be together. I guess the Lord does work in mysterious ways. What I am trying to say is to get out of your comfort zone and to go for whatever your dreams are. I know that I am pursuing mine this year. Look for my collection of short stories on book shelf near you in the coming year.

A couple of songs to sooth your memories:
Don Henley; "Last Worthless Evening"
Billy Joel:"New York State of Mind"