Tuesday, March 14, 2023

136- How to Create Dynamic Willpower to Accomplish Your Lifes Goals

To create dynamic willpower, determine to do some of the things in life that you thought you could not do. Attempt simple tasks first. As your confidence strengthens and your will becomes more dynamic, you can aim for more difficult accomplishments. Be careful that you have made a good selection, then refuse to admit to failure. Devote your entire willpower to mastering one thing at a time; do not scatter your energies nor leave something half done to begin a new adventure.

Paramahansa Yogananda,"The Law of Success."

Persevere with extreme diligence and attention to detail. Concentrate on the completion of small projects. Finish your first rewrite of The Lure of The Mountain King and expand the chapters that are small. It is imperative to submit The Mountain Pearl to three or more publishers to get a feel for feed back on the project. Lastly, Dancing with Radha should be outlined by chapters. Setting for the chapters should be determined by where the story needs to move. This is the culmination of forty two years of life to the present day. It would be unwise and foolish to allow this time to be missed. You are the closest you have ever been to the completion of the trilogy of projects in your life. Do not delay. Do not allow one more Winter Olympic Games to come and go with out attempting to publish. Use your Divine Willpower.

Monday, March 6, 2023

135;Uncle Albert's Mountain,(The Lure of the Mountain King;)The Meeting at the Moose Jaw; Chapter X

 The meeting was brief and to the point. Everyone showed up and sat silently while Joe told the story. He hoped he could settle it here and now. Someone in the group asked, ”When?” It was the only word spoken by anyone except Joe. He had invited them to the Moose Jaw because he had wanted them to hear it from him. Their spirits had been broken, sitting slouched at the bar motionless and mute, like a team that had just lost their bid for the playoffs. All except Tyler and David that is. They were having a grand old time, laughing obnoxiously loud at whatever foolish thing that popped into their drunken minds. Tom would glance over at Joe standing in the corner talking quietly with Tiger the owner of the Jaw.

     “Why the hell would I care?” he asked David out of the blue. It doesn’t make any difference to me if he sells the damn mountain or not.”

David sat there listening to his friend, he just let him ramble and get it out of his system.

     “I’m gonna enjoy the season, even of it kills me,” Tom said dejectedly. “No way, No way am I gonna let him get to me. He did what he did, and it’s over no sense it crying over melted snow.”

     “That’s the spirit,” David attempted to change the subject, “Hey! Get my buddy another beer.”

Joe looked over at them for a moment and then caught Sara’s attention. He waved his hand above his head to signal the next round was on him.

     “Next round on Joe,” she yelled to the group. No one seemed to pay attention. Several looked up and didn’t acknowledge the gesture. They went right on with their conversation. They were huddled in a small little group discussing their future and wondering how and if life could ever be the same without the Basin.

     “This is one sad crew,” Sara leaned over the bar in front of Tom. “Why don’t you play some tunes, here’s some tips from the bar, play C-4 that’ll get em goin,” she handed David the money. He stepped over to the jukebox inserted some coins and looked through the remaining songs. The music crackled and the Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction blared out of the system.

Tom laughed and began drumming on the bar.

     “Great choice.”

     Sara knew that he would think that she played the song with the Basin in mind. She actually played it for herself and Tom’s never ending quest for freedom. She watched him sway to the beat and wondered if there could ever be a future for them.

     “Even after all these years that song still says it all,” Sara smiled at Tom.

     “They were prophets,” Tom replied singing, “I can’t get no… satisfaction,” the song continued on. More than half of his memories were tied to all these old songs. Every time he heard them, another flash from the past would start Tom thinking back. This one brought his very first girlfriend to mind. She had been a sweet girl and they had young fun. She wouldn’t do any thing more than kiss. “I can’t get no….” he sang again as the song faded away.

     “Are we still on for tomorrow night?”

     “We sure are.”

     “What about David? You can’t just brush him off.”

     “He has some business in Denver all day. He won’t be back until Thursday.”

     “Great! I don’t have to be here till six the following day. You can spend the night and we’ll have the next day to ourselves.” There is never enough time to spend with him, she thought.