Sunday, June 28, 2015

Adopting An Attitude of Gratitude

  There are a lot of things in life to be grateful for. Take time in life and reflect on those things. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for what you have achieved and accomplished in your life. It will take you far. Life will become more precious and full. Often you do not appreciate the real people and things in your life until they are no longer there. Take time today and be thankful. I am. The Serenity Prayer allows me to reflect on life and to appreciate all the beautiful things that life has laid before me. Do not squander life's gifts!

A Song About Time.
 Time After Time Cyndi Lauper

Monday, June 22, 2015

Ari Finds A Home

    Yes it's true after eons of searching Ari has found the cosmic connection to his home. He wasn't really looking for a home. The last time we talked to Aristotle he was on his way to the ocean in Oregon. We all know how life goes, sometimes you find the most precious things in life when you are not looking for them, like a lover, a friend, a wife, a good book, a confidant, a collaborator, and yes even a home. Well just take a look at Ari and then tell me, he isn't the happiest he has ever been. Who would have ever guessed it? Life is as life becomes. Welcome Home Aristotle!
   Of course you realize that Ari has been known to wander so you may expect him to show up in some strange places from time to time.
     A song for the occasion
"Moon River" Breakfast At Tiffany's