Friday, December 9, 2022

3-Ask Mrs. Peach? How May I Help? Barack Obama

 Ask Mrs. Peach?

This is a work of Satirical Nature from the mind of a Champagne Toy Poodle and does not reflect on any factual nature regarding the named Individuals and should not be construed as such.

Dear Mrs. Peach, 
     I have decided to use my platform as a former President of the United States to further the enlightenment of humanity. Michelle and I have opened our hearts and minds to help teach society as a collective that they need not suffer and endure the delusion of Maya and the forms of ignorance that it brings. My question to you would be, How may we be empowered by our creator to accomplish this?
Barack Obama

Dear Barack,
     First and foremost I must recognize the great truth that you have already imparted to the masses. Indeed you are never recognized as a prophet in your own country. This since time began is a simple but absolute truth. The World sees and understands that you have been placed on this Earth to bring Enlightenment and Awareness to the Multitude of Lost Souls. You do this by the way you take complicated issues and create teachable learning exercises with great candor, honesty and humility. The World truly sees this and we all long for the sanity of thought and purpose that you represent amidst the chaos that is present day America. 

   My humble advice would be to remind Society as a collective, to be of service. Service first is the great lesson that I have gleaned from your great example. America as a whole would do well to incorporate in its thinking the thoughts of how we as citizens can find ways to work together. Unfortunately a prior entity, of which I have crossed swords with in the past, (Regarding Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in a former lesson), has unleashed, Pandora's Box of evils, sickness, death, turmoil, strife, jealousy, hatred, famine and passion-curses and general vileness upon a gullible and unsuspecting group of deluded souls. I am not just referring to the ignorance of the masses but also to that of the Legislating Bodies. Sad, but all too true. However, a great fact that is often overlooked in the the retelling of the Greek Myth is that the only entity left in Pandora's Box was hope and that is where you shine. Hope is still available to the masses and you are the catalyst to unleash it (Again).
     The great dilemma that society faces is how to stem the rising tides of extremism and turn the hearts and minds of disillusioned impoverished, and disadvantaged souls into productive willing participants in the experience that is democracy. Unification through common goals that is America only seems to work under times of duress, like war. The Pandemic only seemed to turn America into a group of dying, bickering, sick, isolated unreasonable idiots. The chaos that was the Leadership had everything to do with this. At the risk of inciting the wrath of those that still cling to the Great Lies that were perpetuated by the Greatest Liar that History will ever know, I like you am compelled to speak the absolute truth and to risk the consequences. (Extreme Consequences for those that Speak The Truth!)
     My final thought would be to remind those that are seeking and those that are lost to turn your thoughts inward and to understand that through the help of your Father who is always with you, that with his help, and guidance and your perseverance your goals and dreams can and will be attained. Dispel the negativity that has been wrought by those willing to be easily led by False Prophets and cling to the Absolute Truth of The True Enlightened Masters.