Monday, June 29, 2020

Four: The Art Of Letting Go

Words to live for.

Mind Games, John Lennon

Coming Tomorrow Manifesting Miracles

Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Corona Virus Writings Increase your Willpower to Overcome Fear In The Time of Covid

     Fear is a tangible commodity. Therefore it can be defeated. To allow fear to manifest in any form in your life is senseless. Do not fixate it vexes the spirit, guide your thoughts through Meditation to overcoming it. Concentrate on positive thought. Continue to think in new ways to overcome negativity.  It does not serve you. Do not be a slave to your thoughts. Be a Master of your own life. Start today with the first action. Move forward today by using your willpower to defeat fear. Do not obsess it is counter productive to achieving your goal. Today well lived is sufficient. Let tomorrow be. It serves no purpose to fixate on yesterday. View positive images and listen to uplifting music.

     There is a compilation of Extreme Athletes spanning the globe seeking thrills in Extreme locations and Extreme Sports. Let your spirit soar! It is called Magnetic. Try to be a smile millionaire!

Today's Song"Hurdy Gurdy Man", Donavan

Friday, June 26, 2020

The Corona Virus Writings Healing In The Time Of Covid.

    Obey God's hygienic laws. The mental hygiene of keeping the mind pure is superior hygiene to physical hygiene, but the latter is important, and should not be neglected. Do not however, live by such rigid rules that the deviation from your wonted habits upsets you.
                                                       Paramahansa Yogananda,"Scientific Healing Affirmations"

 There is a tremendous amount of fear and confusion in the world of covid today. We are inundated by bad news death and confusion everywhere we turn. It's impossible to turn off. It is hard to know the truth. You can't unplug especially in isolation. Our leaders are interested in self promotion over the common good for our humanity. It further adds to our frustration and loneliness. It is very hard to become involved in something greater than yourself existing in our own small worlds. Try and find a refuge, a place of safety for your own mind and soul in a Master. Walking into the local bookstore in Telluride, Colorado, Paramahansa Yogananda's face appeared serenely and joyfully in the form of The Autobiography of a Yogi  after reading a short story on stage that caused great fear and anxiety at a writing workshop in the theatre. The work was an inspiration in my life and a great turning point. It was passed out freely by George Harrison and was Steve Job's Secret to Greatness.
Song of the Day
Uncle Albert, Paul and Linda McCartney
Paramahansa Yogananda

Dad, And Giant Pete, His Girl!