Wednesday, September 28, 2022

2-Ask Mrs.Peach? How Does A Woman Respond To False Accusations Of Character? Liz Cheney Wilson, Wyoming


Ask Mrs. Peach?
This is a work of Satirical Nature from the mind of a Champagne Toy Poodle and does not reflect on any factual nature regarding the named Individuals and should not be construed as such.

Dear Mrs. Peach, 
I am a representative in an exclusive group of elected officials and am of good moral standing. Here is my question.?I was recently appointed second chair of a very important select commission. Unfortunately the topic of the investigation was responsible for the greatest attempt at a Coup and Insurrection against our Freedom and Liberty that America has ever seen. To further complicate the situation his associates have declared an all out war on Women and Women’s Rights to choose concerning the Sovereignty of their Own Bodies and Reproductive Systems. They are attempting to deny women the access to Birth Control to further complicate the situation. I felt so strongly about the Insurrection that I assumed the lead. However it has come at a great personal expense to me. I have been removed from any positions of importance and am denied the ability of seeking re-election. How does a woman respond to false accusations to their character?


Dear Liz
Stay Strong and Stand Tall! Haters are going to hate! All is going to Work Out Well! Trust in yourself!
When I was Identifying as Giant , I wrote Lesson 6, The Art of Acceptance in the Time of the Coronavirus, I set forth a challenge to produce a work of Art for the Winter Olympics in Beijing, China. explaining what Life, Liberty and the The Pursuit of Happiness means to me.The Mountain Pearl,a collection of short stories and poetry, set in the Mountains of North America was published by Write My Fire and enjoyed by thousands over the course of theOlympic Games.(Lessons 75-91, A Children’s Crusade, A Book of Redemption.)
Trust in the Miracle of Love! Like you, I still love America from “Sea to Shining Sea!!” You will see the advice that I gave to Kamala Harris (She is one of my heroes for her accomplishments in a male dominated world. Along with You and Cassidy Hutchinson.) She was being bullied by the very same bully that is the subject of your investigation. My advice to her was to stand strong. Wear her mask because she is a beautiful shining light of a Woman and Sisterhood and if she had any doubts about life to read a soon to be “Banned Book Classic, The Emperor's New Clothes"  to completely understand the actor she was involved with. Kamala persevered and became Vice President, as you well know. She should not allow the men who she aided in being elected to Silence her brave strong voice.
She rose above her setback to become a role model for millions of young women. Sometimes our greatest obstacles in life become our greatest opportunities for advancement and success. Perhaps this is the time to toss your Cowgirl Hat in the Presidential Arena? You are articulate, intelligent, and extremely brave as you have demonstrated. The 2020’s will be known as the decade of the Woman. 

I would like to Identify as Giant again and make a Modest Proposal. If you will continue to persevere against the onslaught of Injustices that are being directed at you by your party and constituents and consider your calling to a higher office....
I will attempt to publish,The Coronavirus Writings - A Journey into Self- Realization. I propose to complete my novels, Dancing With Rhada (A Teacher's Crusade), and White Dreams (A Man's Crusade), in time for the Winter Olympics set in Cortina D’ Ampezzo for the 2026 Games.

I learned from my time on our Equine Rescue Ranch that in a herd when (usually the males) are acting up the Mares will just turn their backs and ignore them. If they persist watch out because then they will let fly both hind hooves. Of course, you being a wonderful horse woman, already know this and your back is turned. Turn away and don't ever look back.

My Mom proposed a Unification next for All Women for a Great Abstinence. She proposes it be a day. (Me-Or Several days, possibly weeks). She said get their attention, shut down the  fun factory. Time to stop this nonsense. We control our bodily autonomy.

Mrs. Peach Say's, 
"No more side saddle."

Mrs. Pete’s Prediction:
From July 2, 2020 
A Big Bully will pick on a Small Champagne Poodle. 
He will just have to do it. 
My Mom schooled me on Narcissism.

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